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Stepping up the campaign against a proposed begging ban


Greens will be in Heaton this weekend, to distribute information on the Council's proposals to criminalise begging and rough sleeping across Newcastle. The Council's proposed Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) would make even passively begging a criminal offence, and visibly possessing bedding could attract a £1,000 fine or fixed penalty notice (paragraph 16 of the draft PSPO).

Newcastle Green Party has objected to these proposals, and Green campaigner Andrew Gray has worked with national groups like Liberty and the Manifesto Club to oppose the draft PSPO. He is now calling on Heaton's residents to join the growing opposition, and to help defeat these nasty proposals.

* The Council's consultation closes on 25th November, all are urged to take part at

* Andrew's petition against the two clauses that would criminalise passive begging and rough sleeping is at

* Newcastle Green Party's detailed objection to the proposals is available online at

* Links to stories about opposition to the PSPO from Liberty, Manifesto Club and Keep Streets Live are posted online at