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Greens talk with residents about latest city budget proposals

One of our guiding principles is Think Globally, Act Locally and in our latest Heaton Greens newsletter the emphasis is on the local in our response to the council's budget proposals for next year. Andrew Gray, long standing Green Party activist in Heaton and other Greens, will be out and about this weekend (9th and 10th December) listening and talking to Heaton residents about their concerns and views on the budget.

For too long the Council have been focusing more on the city centre and less on the local high streets and neighbourhoods. As a result our local areas are getting a raw deal. Green councillors would challenge this and make sure the neighbourhoods are given priority.

In the latest Heaton Greens newsletter Andrew Gray calls on the Council to:

  • Support local services where people live
  • Invest in our district shopping centres and high streets
  • Build more resilient neighbourhoods.

We have called on the Council to establish its own energy company to cut fuel bills and keep the money within the local economy. Community renewable energy schemes or waste anaerobic digestion could be used to generate our own energy.

Local elections are coming up next year - May 3rd is polling day. Do you want business as usual or do you want change? Electing Greens will bring that change. You have that chance next May - please seriously think about using it to vote Green.

More details about the budget and other news in our December newsletter here. To view previous ones please see here.

Andrew Gray with Heaton volunteers beside Chillingham Road Primary School

Andrew Gray with Heaton volunteers beside Chillingham Road Primary School