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Green Campaigner presses council on Climate Emergency

At this week's Council meeting, our campaigner Clare Andrews told the council that it "must start setting itself targets towards meeting the city’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2030".

Clare questioned the council over its lack of real action following the climate emergency declaration in April. She asked Council leader Cllr Nick Forbes to set the ball rolling with interim targets ahead of the new Climate Committee's initial report back to Council - not due until March 2020. She asked him to set a deadline for the proposed 'Net Zero Task Force' expert panel and for the Citizen's Assembly on climate to meet and to report. She suggested low-cost and no-cost actions that could begin immediately, and asked what use of additional government funding schemes had been made to pay for infrastructure changes without cutting into council budgets.

None of these questions, nor those pose by Lib Dem Councillors, received proper answers.

We must keep pressing for action.