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Pavements for People

Tay and her team are listening to complaints about parked vehicles crowding streets and footpaths. Residents in and around Benwell Hill Road, Dissington Place, Silloth Avenue, Stocksfield Avenue, Whittington Grove, Ovington Grove and Cedar Road responding to our surveys tell us they are experiencing high levels of street parking causing difficulties when crossing the road or maneuvering in and out of driveways. The problem particularly affects the disabled, the elderly and people using pushchairs.

Scotland recently passed a bill that will see parking on pavements banned north of the border from 2021. Pavement parking is already illegal in London where drivers can incur fines of £70 for obstruction. While the law elsewhere in England is ambiguous, the Highway Code states that parking on pavements should not be done. It is already an offence to drive on the pavement -- a law which is rarely enforced. Local authorities have powers to introduce parking restrictions where appropriate. Constituents of North Yorkshire County Council, for example, are petitioning their councillors to use those powers to introduce new laws to combat inconsiderate and dangerous parking.

Back in 2011 the Coalition Government gave powers to local councils to make case-by-case decisions on parking restrictions. In Newcastle these seem to only apply in central areas while residential streets are becoming overcrowded with inconsiderately parked vehicles. Why is NCC not consulting with communities?


If you are affected by pavement parking and have access to a camera, share photos showing impassable obstructions to the police and on social media. We’re happy to help with this and to pressure the council into action. Contact Tay on 07957 709175 or

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