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Green Party launch ambitious manifesto

Today candidates and supporters gathered on Newcastle's Quayside to proudly present the Green Party's Manifesto for the 2019 General Election.

It’s still not too late to turn aside from this destructive path we’re on - but we have to act now. We can heal the divisions within our own nation. We can mend the rifts with our European neighbours.  We have the technology. We have the means. And Greens have the will to face these challenges.  Greens have the vision, the policies, and the fresh joined-up thinking to make it happen.

This is the moment when we can unite to combat climate change. We can re-imagine our society. We can re-make our world to be a greener, brighter, better, and more just place than we have ever known it to be. The Green Party have the political will to do this. Please give us the power to speak up for what matters most -Vote Green.

The Greens have a plan to green our economy - that will not only halt climate change, but will create good quality jobs. We can transition to green energy and a greener economy fairly. Less inequality. No more left-behind areas, struggling with poverty and austerity. Greens have a plan that can work - for all of us.

The thing that unites both Leavers and Remainers is the realisation that we’re in a terrible mess, the main parties cannot be trusted to govern. They have none of the answers for the most important problems we face - whether that’s the disillusionment that contributed to Brexit, or to climate change, or the increasing automation that’s costing us jobs. The old parties are complacent and divided, and they take our votes for granted. The 2 party system has failed Britain. We’ve the fresh ideas and joined-up thinking that’s needed.

Now it’s time for the Green Party.

Our government is just not being honest with us about the scale and the speed of climate breakdown.It’s happening fast, faster than was predicted.  This year has seen record temperatures, permafrost is melting rapidly, there’s lightening and wildfires in the arctic and the Brazillian rainforest -the lungs of our planet - is on fire too. The UK too has seen extreme weather - heatwaves, flooding - causing damage, travel disruption and damaging crops.

Half of all greenhouse emissions in our atmosphere have been put there in the last 30 years, when we’ve known what we were doing. Despite the International agreements and national targets, emissions are still rising. Our government pays more subsidies to fossil fuels than for renewable energy.

The United Nations warns a global temperature rise of 1.5 degrees will be disastrous, but it now seems unlikely that we will avoid warming of 2 degrees. This difference means hundreds of millions of lives will be lost to flood, to wildfire, to drought, to famine, to water shortages, to disease, and to the conflicts that follow such disasters. But if we carry on as we are, we will see a rise of 3 degrees by the end of this century. This is our planet, our only home. For the sakes of our children and grandchildren, we must act to save it now before it is beyond saving. There’s hardly any time left.

But there is still time. There is still hope. Saving our planet doesn’t have to cost us the earth. In fact it will bring us warmer homes that are cheaper to run. Reliable, affordable public transport, instead of the stress of being stuck in traffic. Safer streets to walk or cycle to school or work, improving our health. Clean air that doesn’t poison our children, saving the NHS. Good quality new jobs in green energy. Saving money by wasting less and recycling more. Stemming the tide of plastic pollution that’s killing our oceans. Green spaces to relax and play - that’s good for everyone’s mental health. Re-building local communities and local economies, tackling inequality and healing our divided nation. A Britain, and a planet, where everyone can thrive.

If not now, when?

We have 3 great candidates standing in Newcastle so make the bold choice to vote Green in 2019

Tay at the NE launch of the Green Party Manifesto
Tay at the NE launch of the Green Party Manifesto

Your Help is Needed!

Our crowdfunder has now finished ( thanks to all who donated their money to help us! ) however you can still support our campaigning setting up a regular donation via PayPal or Direct Debit here.

If you can help with our campaigning the you can volunteer here.

And finally you can help by voting Green in 2019!

Your Green Party Candidates

Alistair Ford - Newcastle North

Nick Hartley - Newcastle East

Taymar Pitman - Newcastle Central