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Green campaigners at hustings

First of a double dose of Green at General Election hustings yesterday: Tay Pitman for Newcastle upon Tyne Central MP (pictured centre) spoke to Northumbria Students' Union of the force that Green Party votes can exert on government to drive forward our vision for a #SafeClimate and a fairer society, with a focus on wellbeing and a reformed democracy that works for us all.


Our candidate Nick Hartley for Newcastle upon Tyne East MP spoke at General Election hustings organised by Oxfam last night. The theme of the night was Climate, Poverty & Inequality - Nick had much to say about the impact climate breakdown will have on our health and wellbeing, worsening inequalities in our communities and wider world. And of course he spoke about the urgent need to radically transform our economy, energy and society to reach net zero emissions by 2030 so as to secure a #SafeClimate and a fairer system for all.

Your Help is Needed!

Our crowdfunder has now finished ( thanks to all who donated their money to help us! ) however you can still support our campaigning setting up a regular donation via PayPal or Direct Debit here.

If you can help with our campaigning the you can volunteer here.

And finally you can help by voting Green in 2019!

Your Green Party Candidates

Alistair Ford - Newcastle North

Nick Hartley - Newcastle East

Taymar Pitman - Newcastle Central