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Newcastle East Green Party on Citizen’s Income / Universal Basic Income

The Green Party have supported the idea of a basic income for a long time and its an idea whose time has come. A basic income would provide a solid floor that people can build from rather than a safety net with holes in so big that many fall through.

Nick talks about how UBI lab are working to make this a reality.

UBI Lab North East had a meeting recently at the Star and Shadow which was well attended and are looking to run another one early in the new year, so watch out for that.

Your Help is Needed!

Our crowdfunder has now finished ( thanks to all who donated their money to help us! ) however you can still support our campaigning setting up a regular donation via PayPal or Direct Debit here.

If you can help with our campaigning the you can volunteer here.

And finally you can help by voting Green in 2019!

Your Green Party Candidates

Alistair Ford - Newcastle North

Nick Hartley - Newcastle East

Taymar Pitman - Newcastle Central