Beyond Growth Conference

The Beyond Growth 2023 conference was a three-day event that took place in the European Parliament in Brussels this week. The conference brought together experts from different backgrounds to discuss and co-create policies for sustainable prosperity in Europe. The event focused on the environmental, social, and economic challenges we all face, rather than considering them separately.

You can see the talks here

How does the apply to Newcastle?

The Beyond Growth 2023 conference applies to usĀ  in a number of ways. The conference highlighted the need to move away from the harmful focus on economic growth as the sole measure of societal progress. Newcastle can do this by focusing on other measures of progress, such as social well-being, environmental sustainability, and resilience.

Additionally, the conference explored a number of policy options for moving towards a post-growth economy. We could implement some of these policies, such as a new macroeconomic framework that would promote green and social investments, fight inequality, and allow redistribution. The city can also reform its economic models, which are based on outdated assumptions about growth and scarcity.

By applying the lessons of the Beyond Growth 2023 conference, Newcastle upon Tyne can build a more sustainable and prosperous future for its residents.

Newcastle Greens have set out their vision in the Greenprint for Newcastle. By taking these steps, Newcastle can become a leader in the global movement for a post-growth economy. Why not join us to help make the changes Newcastle needs?


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