Alistair Ford – Green Party Candidate for Newcastle upon Tyne North

I am standing for the Green Party because I believe that we are the only party to have real joined-up policies to address the huge issues we face in Newcastle and across the planet. The latest IPCC report on the impacts of climate change, the air pollution crisis, the need to protect the most vulnerable in society, finding new ways of providing work and livelihoods, and ensuring Newcastle is a healthy, happy, green place for future generations are all things that the Green Party policies would tackle.

I feel strongly that we need a new direction in politics and new voices in parliament. As a scientist working at Newcastle University, I see the need for investment in education and research for the new green economy, and to protect our country and our city from a disastrous Hard Brexit.

The Green Party’s policies on climate change and air pollution offer joined-up solutions to looming catastrophes, through progressive ideas on transport, housing, energy, and waste. We are the only party thinking seriously about the future of employment in an age of increasing job insecurity, with ideas like the Universal Basic Income gathering momentum and support. I am passionate about giving the people of Newcastle North a chance to vote for a Green future.

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What’s this Climate Emergency thing, you ask? Here’s Green Party leaders Jonathan Bartley & Sian Berry to explain why we are pushing Newcastle Council to declare a climate emergency and take stronger action on climate change. Please sign     […]

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Alistair Ford - Candidate for Newcastle North
Alistair Ford - Candidate for Newcastle North

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