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Covid-19 Mutual Aid information

The next few months is going to be a difficult time and we need to look after one another. Please join the Facebook group and see how you can help or if you need help.

Help can be as simple as calling someone to check they are ok, shopping, collecting prescriptions etc.

Newcastle organising group ( Facebook )

Covid-19 Mutual Aid - Newcastle


An end to waste woes in the West End?

By leeirving | 8th November 2021

For many households across the city, the wheelie bin system has worked well. However, in areas with Tyneside flats and student housing, multiple bins gave rise to numerous problems. Bins left out after bin day blocked both the back lanes to vehicles as well as entrances to back yards. Bin fires were more common and […]

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Local Election 2021 – Results

By leeirving | 7th May 2021

Newcastle Green Party received 1400 more votes than in 2019, but unfortunately we did not make the breakthrough we needed to get a Green in the room this time. If the council election were proportional to the vote share we would have 7 councillors. Almost 1 in 10 of the electorate backed us. In West […]

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Wonderful Wetlands

By leeirving | 2nd February 2021

Wetlands are the lifeblood of our planet and they are the only ecosystem that has an international treaty devoted to them, the Ramsar Convention was signed in 1971 in the city of Ramsar, Iran. “the conservation and wise use of all wetlands through local and national actions and international cooperation, as a contribution towards achieving […]

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RSPB’s The Big Garden Birdwatch 29th – 31st January

By leeirving | 27th January 2021

In Great Britain, gardens account for 30% of the space in our urban areas so they’re very important habitats for a variety of birds. The RSPB host the Big Garden Birdwatch each year, where people are asked to spend an hour counting the birds that they can see. You don’t even have to brave the […]

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Help defend Dewley Hill

By leeirving | 3rd December 2020

Against the backdrop of the Prime Minister announcing that petrol and diesel vehicles will be phased out by the end of the decade, there are communities in the North of England fighting against the planning permissions of new open-cast coal mines. The pandemic has made all of our lives more difficult and most of us […]

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West end play parks neglected

By leeirving | 12th November 2020

Broken play equipment at Elswick Park Two years ago, Newcastle City Council vowed to improve more than 160 parks and playgrounds over the following three years. Two years later, very little work has happened; especially in the west of Newcastle. After a number of West End residents got in touch about the lack of facilities […]

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Litter Pick 25th October

By leeirving | 26th October 2020

The showers and high winds didn’t dampen the enthusiasm for clearing our play areas yesterday. Thank you to all of our volunteers for collecting an impressive 12 sacks of rubbish! […]

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Litter-pick volunteering and hot spot reporting

By leeirving | 11th October 2020


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Build Back Better

By leeirving | 11th October 2020

For millions of us, “normal” meant poverty, insecure work, and rip off rent. For our planet, “normal” meant pollution, destruction and climate chaos. Why would we go back to normal, when we could have it so much better? We believe better is possible. #BetterIsPossible You don’t have to be a member of the Green Party […]

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World Mental Health Day – Saturday 10th October 2020

By leeirving | 9th October 2020

When we consider what it means to be healthy, many of us would immediately think of our physical health first, and our mental health second; that’s if we think of it at all. Yet good mental health is fundamental to good physical health. With the covid-19 pandemic and the changes it has brought to our […]

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