BAN Waste Select Committee evidence

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Phase 1 Day 2 2001-09-26 Eddie Wrigley (Sustainability & Environment Team, Government Office North East)

text of presentation to Select Committee

Eddie Wrigley, Government Office for the North East (GO-NE)

Eddie Wrigley has a background in materials engineering and worked at the National Engineering Laboratory before joining DTI (now Government Office) North East. He worked on innovation grants, inward investment and competitiveness before becoming Team Leader of the Sustainability & Environment Team in 1997.

Role of GO-NE

The National Overview

What are we trying to achieve - Waste 2000 sets out Government's strategy, and the key aims are

Waste Strategy 2000 highlights the 3 key elements which need to be in place if we are to move towards sustainable waste management

How is Waste Strategy 2000 being implemented?

Waste Strategy 2000 - introduces a framework for decision making

The Regional Level

The Regional Level - how?

The sub - Regional Level:

A GO-NE perspective

How�s the region doing?

Where are the barriers?

Reasons for optimism

But the 3 key elements from Waste Strategy 2000 need to be in place in the North East!!

Where will real change come from?

Waste 2000 sets the framework for Waste policy, but if we are to see significant progress in the region this will need to be underpinned by:


Eddie Wrigley, Sustainability & Environment Team, Government Office for the North East, Wellbar House, Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4TD

Tel. 0191 202 3614