BAN Waste Select Committee evidence

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Phase 1 Day 3 2001-10-04 David Shipley & Mac Leadbitter (Project Managers, Community Transport, Newcastle)

written evidence submitted in advance

As a community based charity, we aim at mobilizing local support for the poor and homeless by providing good quality, low cost furniture and transport services to voluntary, charitable and statutory agencies as well as to disadvantaged members of the public. At the same time, we provide opportunities for volunteering and training programmes for all sectors of the community, including the young, the unemployed, and those who are retired or who are ex-offenders.

As a project, Community Furniture Service

Each week on average the project carries out

As a result of our work we are currently recycling some 9 metric tones of furniture per week which would normally be taken away to be dumped. This provides an obvious benefit to the local environment, but one further aspect of our work arises out of a direct consequence of this furniture collection service. Although we do ask donors to ensure the items they donate are re-usable, in our experience some 40% of items collected are subsequently taken to the tip. On average, therefore, we are disposing up to 6 metric tones of waste furniture per week, again contributing to the welfare of local environments as well as providing savings to the Council's own waste management service. We are presently averaging 22 tip trips each month at an average of 1.1 tonnes of waste per trip.

Although part of the national charity, Community Transport, our organization in the north east is self-contained and consists of a full- time Project manager, Mr Mac Leadbitter; myself, the full time Deputy Manager; and a part-time administration assistant, all being paid staff. We also have 13 volunteers and 13 trainees at present helping us out with our work.

In relation to the BAN Waste Select Committee on Waste Options, our work covers Re-use, but also overlaps into other areas.