BAN Waste Select Committee evidence

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Phase 1 Day 4 2001-10-08 Matthew Pumfrey (Director Orrtec Ltd, Director Zero Waste International)

text of presentation to Select Committee

Composting in the waste industry: an introduction

OrrTec Ltd

Composting�s Background

Why more Composting?

Legislation and regulations to increase organic recovery:

Clamping down on other disposal routes:

What are we trying to achieve?

Aims of the composting process:

�The treatment of any waste is ultimately justified by the fate of the finished product.�

What is the fate of your product?

Impact of the Farming Industry

Compost Markets

Achieving the composting aims will create suitable end products for a variety of target markets

However currently waste derived compost is perceived as poor

Not surprising as there are problems:

However huge potential for waste derived compost:

In-vessel Composting cont.