Green campaigning in the Heaton area of Newcastle upon Tyne

Andrew Gray on Chillingham Road, Heaton

January news from Heaton Greens

Andrew Gray is the Green Party Candidate for the new Heaton ward, where elections for three councillors will be held on 3rd May 2018. Those living in the current South Heaton will know he works all year round for the benefit of residents, and that he doesn't just appear on the scene before elections. In this month's newsletter:

  • Andrew sets out a model for better recycling that could save the Council £m on its waste budgets
  • In more budget news:
    • Caroline Lucas' motion in Parliament for more local government funding
    • Green response to the city budget proposals
    • Pavement repairs:  Council confirms it has no budget for refurbishments
  • Introducing our Green Team for Heaton:  Chris Parker, Louise Wilson, Andrew Gray

Please contact Andrew if you live in Heaton ward and do not receive your newsletter during January.

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South Heaton by-election results, March 2017

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