Green campaigning in the Heaton area of Newcastle upon Tyne

Andrew Gray on Chillingham Road, Heaton

Election 2018

Please download our main election leaflet here.  This summarises our main campaign activities over the last year - working hard all year round for Heaton.

Our follow-up leaflet summarises some of the key commitments which we are making for this election.  Vote Green on 3rd May to:

  • Tackle Heaton's Litter and Improve Recycling
  • Raise Standards for Private Rented Tenants
  • Campaign for Better Transport
  • Support our High Street and Local Businesses
  • Engage with Residents

Vote Green on 3rd May to Make a Big Difference in Heaton!

Please see the leaflets at the links below, or get in touch if you would like to know more about what we are standing for in this election, to ask for a bright green Vote Green Party poster, or to get involved with the campaign.

South Heaton by-election results, March 2017

The last local election in Heaton was the South Heaton by-election, at which Andrew Gray came 2nd to Labour.  South Heaton electors make up 67% of the new Heaton ward, and have overwhelmingly voted either Labour or Green in all recent local elections.

Previous Heaton Greens Updates

The following newsletters and leaflets can be downloaded from this site:

  • April 2018 (follow-up leaflet:  our commitments when elected as your councillors)
  • April 2018 (election leaflet:  working hard all year round)
  • March 2018 (Caroline Lucas meeting, NHS reinstatement and our top three election pledges)
  • January 2018 (better recycling and other budget news, the Heaton Green Team)
  • December 2017 (on budget cuts, PFI deals and the Newcastle Waste Commission)
  • October/November 2017 (on transport and air pollution)
  • September 2017 (on waste and recycling)
  • August 2017 (on parks, allotments and urban food supply)
  • July 2017 (on housing, specifically private rented)
  • February 2017 (on the City Council's budget cuts)
  • November 2016 (on the bedding ban and Public Space Protection Order)


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