Andrew Gray on Chillingham Road, Heaton

Current Heaton Greens Update, July 2017

Our current leaflet focusses on housing needs within the ward, and specifically the private rented sector.  We celebrate the vision for more secure, affordable and dry housing for Generation Rent, which underpinned our own Housing Guarantee during the election, and which inspired over 2,000 residents in Heaton to register to vote during the election campaign period.  And we set out some of the practical measures that the Council (and that Andrew Gray, if elected as a Green Councillor in May 2018) could implement to put pressure on the bad landlords and support the good ones in Heaton.

We also include information on the welcome U-turn by the Labour Cabinet of Newcastle City Council, who in April 2017 revised their proposals for a ban on bedding and all forms of begging across the city.  And Andrew addresses the need for more information and transparency in the wake of the systemic failures exposed by the Grenfell Tower fire.

Substandard private rented housing affects not just those forced to live in it, but also their neighbours and ultimately the whole community.  The good news is that, even without being able to implement all our Green Guarantee measures at a national level, there is lots that we could do together, locally to improve the situation.

  • Downloadable version of leaflet available here
  • Get in touch with Andrew Gray (07579 965254) if you live in the area east of Heaton Road, north/west of the railway line and south of the Coast Road, and do not receive your copy of the July Update.  Or if you would like him to deliver you a copy in another part of Heaton.

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