When the wind blows

By leeirving | 10th July 2023

After a couple of weeks away our litter pickers were back in action last week around Todd’s Nook. Unfortunately a combination of high winds and overflowing communal bins are not a good mix. This was the first time since we started where it felt we were not making progress but its not going to clear […]

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Wombles out in Arthur’s Hill

By leeirving | 26th May 2023

Our litter pickers have been making the most of the weather this week and have been out and about in Arthur’s Hill. Definitely seem to be making progress as we are getting further into the estate each time. […]

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Beyond Growth Conference

By leeirving | 20th May 2023

The Beyond Growth 2023 conference was a three-day event that took place in the European Parliament in Brussels this week. The conference brought together experts from different backgrounds to discuss and co-create policies for sustainable prosperity in Europe. The event focused on the environmental, social, and economic challenges we all face, rather than considering them […]

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Nice day for some litterpicking

By leeirving | 17th May 2023

Our litterpickers were out enjoying the sun today in Arthur’s Hill around the Gurdwara, Todd’s Nook and the West Road. Followed by a lovely cup of coffee at the excellent Earthlings cafe. It was also nice to see that areas that we had previously cleared were still looking relatively litter free. Come over and say […]

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Nick talks to Milk the Cow Podcast

By leeirving | 10th May 2023

Tonight, Nick was a guest on the Milk the Cow Podcast talking about the recent local election result in Byker and what the future might have in store for the Green Party in the North East.   […]

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Thank You Byker – Nick Hartley

By leeirving | 6th May 2023

Politics is about much more than party politics. It’s about community, about systems, about values and cooperation. That said, forgive me for taking a moment to celebrate the group of people that have helped me find my feet on how to be effective in these systems: Newcastle Green Party. If you’re watching the election results, […]

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Local Election 2023 – Results are in

By leeirving | 6th May 2023

In the recent local elections, the Newcastle Green Party made significant strides in gaining support from voters across the city. From Byker to Wingrove, Arthur’s Hill to Heaton, and Monument to Elswick, the Greens finished a strong second in many wards, demonstrating the party’s growing influence in the city. With 10% of the citywide votes […]

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Byker – By-election

By leeirving | 3rd March 2023

Thank you to all my Byker neighbours who opened your door, sent me an email or gave me a call to discuss how we can work together for a fairer and greener community. I’ve been encouraged by your support in this by-election. 30% of the vote in Byker went to the Green Party, doubling our […]

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Cost of living crisis

By leeirving | 3rd April 2022

The cost of living has been rising faster than it has for decades at a time when many are struggling more than ever. In the last year, gas prices have risen by 28% and electricity by 19%, and that’s before the recent price rises came into effect on April 1st. Food prices are rising, Metro […]

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British Spring Clean

By leeirving | 27th March 2022

Green Party members and supporters were out this weekend clearing litter from West Fenham. We are out and about on the last Sunday of the month but this time it coincided with the 2022 British Spring Clean WE even had a special guest appearance by one of our co-leaders, Carla Denyer. […]

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Green Party Leader Calls for Newcastle Voters to Make History

By leeirving | 26th March 2022

The Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer visited Newcastle this weekend to help launch the party’s local election campaign. Denyer, who took over as co-leader with Adrian Ramsay in October last year, took part in a community litter pick in West Fenham as part of the 2022 ‘Great British Spring Clean’. She also spoke to local […]

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February – Litter Pick

By leeirving | 27th February 2022

Another cold but glorious day for a litter pick. This time we were responding to reports from residents around Stocksfield Ave Primary school. […]

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Talk to us please – Residents cry out

By leeirving | 10th February 2022

Confusion about latest eyesore teaches the council a lesson on communication Residents of Hesleyside Drive are relieved that work has finally been done to tackle the flooding risk at the bottom of King George V Field. But local people have told Tay that they have been kept in the dark by the council over why […]

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We’re not the A1 bypass

By leeirving | 10th February 2022

Tay fights for you to make our roads safe Drivers continue to use our roads as a bypass for the A1 whilst roadworks continue, and it’s causing big problems with speeding on our streets. Residents have told Tay they’re fed up with the added noise and danger, particularly on Slatyford Lane, Two Ball Lonnen & […]

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New Year Wombles

By leeirving | 30th January 2022

A new year starts, but an old problem persists. Tay and her team were back out removing litter from Pooley Road and Slatyford lane area. We also hit the jackpot, well if you can call a lot of discarded dog poo bags the jackpot. Flytipping and dangerously place bags of litter were also reported. […]

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Slatyford Litterpick Dec 2021

By leeirving | 19th December 2021

Cold, drizzly weather didn’t deter our hardworking volunteers from making a huge difference to some neglected parts of Slatyford. We cleared several sacks of litter as well as some abandoned trolleys. We’ll be back again in the New Year – do get in touch if there are areas near you where litter piles up. […]

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COP26, Glasgow, November 2021: for the Climate Emergency

By leeirving | 30th November 2021

Were Newcastle Greens present at COP26? You bet we were. Not as a body, but as bodies, individuals. Since the first Conference of the Parties (COP) held by the UN to focus on climate change, this was the first where the UK had the honour of hosting it; not only that, but it was in […]

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Litterpicking in the Snow

By leeirving | 28th November 2021

We had reports from residents that there was a massive litter issue near the footpath between Burdale Ave and Tebay Drive. We were not going to let a bit of snow stop us, so thank you to our  volunteers who ventured out in the snow to collect many sacks of litter and flytipping from Slatyford […]

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An end to waste woes in the West End?

By leeirving | 8th November 2021

For many households across the city, the wheelie bin system has worked well. However, in areas with Tyneside flats and student housing, multiple bins gave rise to numerous problems. Bins left out after bin day blocked both the back lanes to vehicles as well as entrances to back yards. Bin fires were more common and […]

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Local Election 2021 – Results

By leeirving | 7th May 2021

Newcastle Green Party received 1400 more votes than in 2019, but unfortunately we did not make the breakthrough we needed to get a Green in the room this time. If the council election were proportional to the vote share we would have 7 councillors. Almost 1 in 10 of the electorate backed us. In West […]

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