Green Party announces candidates for all three constituencies in Newcastle upon Tyne

28 April 2017

The Newcastle upon Tyne Green Party has selected its parliamentary candidates for the 2017 general election. Once again the party will stand in all three of Newcastle’s constituencies, with Alison Whalley the candidate for Newcastle upon Tyne North, Peter Thomson standing for Newcastle upon Tyne Central and Alistair Ford, standing as a parliamentary candidate for the first time, in Newcastle upon Tyne East.

General Election 2015 launch at Grey's Monument

Alison Whalley, Newcastle upon Tyne North

Whalley was also the Green Party candidate for Newcastle North in the 2015 general election. She said:

“I joined the Green Party in 2006 because we have the policies that will seriously tackle climate change and inequality. I support a well-funded NHS – no more privatisation or cuts. I’d like to see university tuition fees scrapped and no new grammar schools.

“I want a Brexit that will protect workers’ rights, protect the countryside, that will be radical about green jobs, renewable energy and efficiency, air pollution and reducing waste. I want young adults to be optimistic about their future and have a real say in it too, with voting at 16 and a voting system where every person's vote counts.”

Peter Thomson, Newcastle upon Tyne Central

Thomson has been active in Newcastle politics for over 35 years. He represented the Elswick area on Newcastle City Council for 20 years and was Lord Mayor of the City in 2000-01. He joined the Green Party three years ago after recognising “that the Labour Party was no longer fit for purpose as an effective movement for progress in 21st Century Britain.”

He will stand for the Green Party in Chi Onwurah’s city-centre constituency. He said:

“The devastating effects of climate change, uncontrolled automation, air and water pollution, and human rights abuses are properly addressed and understood only by the Green Party.

“Green Party policies on the urgent transition to renewable and sustainable energy, on a Universal Basic Income, on key resources like housing, transport, and waste, as well as economic re-adjustment away from mindless growth, are the only viable direction for Britain to take at this crucial time. Oh, and there is dealing with Brexit too.”

Alistair Ford, Newcastle upon Tyne East

The Green Party candidate for the east of the city is Alistair Ford, a researcher at Newcastle University. In 2015 the Green Party won 8.7% of the vote in this constituency, which has been represented by Labour MP Nick Brown since 1983. Ford explained his decision to run for Parliament, saying:

“I am standing for the Green Party for the first time in this election because I believe that we are the only party to have real policies to address the huge issues we face.

“I feel strongly that we need a new direction in politics and new voices in parliament. As a scientist working at Newcastle University, I see the need for investment in education and research for the new green economy, and to protect our country and our city from a disastrous Hard Brexit.

“The Green Party’s policies on climate change and air pollution offer joined-up solutions to looming catastrophes, through progressive ideas on transport, housing, energy, and waste. We are the only party thinking seriously about the future of employment in an age of increasing job insecurity, with ideas like the Universal Basic Income gathering momentum and support. I am passionate about giving the people of Newcastle East a chance to vote for a Green future.”