North East European Election Candidate

By leeirving | 11th May 2019

A vote for Greens on 23rd May is a vote for the ‘Greening of Europe’ – for permanent, sustainable jobs for renewable energy in the North East. […]

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Party co-leader visits Newcastle for the European Election campaign launch

By leeirving | 10th May 2019

Thanks to Jonathan Bartley, our party co-leader, for visiting us yesterday to help launch our European Election campaign in the North East. #VoteGreen2019 again on May 23 – say Yes to Europe, No to Climate Change […]

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Best Local Election Results Ever!

By leeirving | 3rd May 2019

Greens just won 194 new councillors elected nationally!! With new Greens elected in South Shields, Sunderland & Darlington, and some good second place positions here, could it be our turn in Newcastle in 2020? Will you join the Green Revolution to help make it so! You can sign up as a volunteer or you can […]

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Green party – cleaning up Fenham. Come join us

By leeirving | 28th April 2019

A busy morning in Fenham, picking up litter and keeping our streets tidy along with Plastic Free West End Newcastle. We were hard at work with some of our great local election candidates including West Fenham’s Taymar Pitman, Walkergate’s Daryl Hughes, Leamington’s Rick Dunfield, Blakelaw’s Rachel Dunfield and Byker’s Nick Hartley. Stay tuned for the […]

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Newcastle local elections

By leeirving | 23rd April 2019

In next Thursday’s local council elections, we’re standing Green Party candidates in most wards across Newcastle – here’s who you should vote for ⬇️ We’ll be profiling candidates during the coming week, so keep an eye out for yours… Greens work hard for, and with, their communities, so don’t forget to #VoteGreen2019 for the fresh […]

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Keep it in the ground!

By leeirving | 20th April 2019

4 Days left! Have you written your objection letter yet to oppose plans for opencast coal mining at Dewley Hill, Throckley, on the edge of Newcastle? With the climate emergency upon us, fossil fuels need to become part of history. #KeepItInTheGround Below is the letter sent by local election candidate for Callerton & Throckley, Idwal […]

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Newcastle Climate Change Convention

By leeirving | 5th April 2019

Newcastle City Council have admitted there’s a Climate Emergency and that their past efforts have fallen far short of the radical action that’s needed. This comes after the ~3,000 signature petition pushed by our campaigners and pressure group Extinction Rebellion succeeded in putting the climate crisis on the Council’s agenda this week! If there’s an […]

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We did it! Newcastle declares climate emergency

By leeirving | 4th April 2019

We put climate change firmly on Newcastle Council’s agenda last night, thanks to the almost 3000-strong petition started by Green campaigner Clare Andrews. Greens’ Taymar Pitman argued the case to Council, pushing them to finally declare a Climate Emergency & pledge to make Newcastle carbon neutral by 2030! HOWEVER, Labour councillors pushed debate to the […]

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Petition to Declare a Climate Emergency reaches almost 3,000 signatures

By leeirving | 2nd April 2019

The petition to Declare a Climate Emergency, started by our Green campaigner Clare Andrews, has now reached almost 3,000 signatures – enough to trigger Newcastle Council to debate it at Wednesday’s council meeting. Join us ahead of the meeting to show support for urgently tackling climate change! Green campaigner Taymar Pitman, who in January […]

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Why we oppose a new open cast mine on the edge of Newcastle

By leeirving | 1st April 2019

Our spokesperson Alistair Ford explained to BBC North East and Cumbria why we’re opposing the plans for a new open cast coal mine on the edge of Newcastle at Dewley Hill. We have ten years to drastically cut carbon emissions, so must keep fossil fuels in the ground. The added air and noise pollution would […]

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Last chance to sign climate emergency petition

By leeirving | 31st March 2019

Last chance to sign before the Declare a Climate Emergency petition is submitted to Newcastle Council! We call on Newcastle City Council to declare a climate emergency, and: Publicly report on progress regarding the 2010 ‘Declaration on Climate Change’, ‘Climate Action Plan’ and 2014 ‘Mayors Adapt’ commitments, within 6 months. Update the Climate Action Plan […]

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What a difference even one Green councillor can make

By leeirving | 30th March 2019

Green Party co-leader Sian Berry, while visiting the North East, highlights what a difference even one Green councillor will make in a council dominated by a single party. That’s so true in Newcastle too… We need your help to make this a reality in Newcastle, get involved and/or help fund our campaign. […]

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Sunderland City Council declares ‘climate emergency’

By leeirving | 29th March 2019

Sunderland has declared a climate emergency and has set a target of becoming ‘carbon-neutral’ by 2030, but Newcastle Council is still failing to catch the wave…  That’s why we’re petitioning them! Please sign “In recent months, a wave of local authorities have made pledges to reduce emissions including setting new targets to become carbon-neutral”. […]

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Why declare a climate emergency?

By leeirving | 23rd March 2019

What’s this Climate Emergency thing, you ask? Here’s Green Party leaders Jonathan Bartley & Sian Berry to explain why we are pushing Newcastle Council to declare a climate emergency and take stronger action on climate change. Please sign     […]

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Green Party Tree Strategy Update

By leeirving | 17th March 2019

We’ve been working hard for local residents to push for the Council’s Tree Strategy to provide the improved public health and wellbeing benefits we need. We’re pleased the council have taken on board many of our technical recommendations to improve the policy. Unfortunately, they’ve failed to act on our main recommendation, which is to dramatically […]

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It’s no good just pricing people out of their cars without giving them other means to get where they need to go

By leeirving | 7th March 2019

“It’s no good just pricing people out of their cars without giving them other means to get where they need to go”, a Tyne and Wear Public Transport Users Group‘s spokesperson told Radio 5’s presenter Nihal in a discussion about air pollution today. Prof. Barbara Maher from Lancaster University highlighted the widespread ill-health and premature […]

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Newcastle Green Party calls on Council to take climate change obligations seriously

By leeirving | 5th March 2019

Newcastle Green Party is calling on Newcastle City Council to take its climate change obligations seriously by ensuring that no new coal mines are opened in the city and that new developments are built with sustainability in mind. Despite growing global awareness of the devastating impact of climate change and the need to rapidly reduce […]

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Newcastle Green Party Question Council over inaction on Climate Change

By leeirving | 9th January 2019

At last night’s meeting of Newcastle City Council, the Green Party questioned the progress made on climate change over the last decade. Their question followed a public talk in Newcastle last week by Green think-tank founder Rupert Read, who issued an urgent call to action against impending climate catastrophe. Green Party campaigner Taymar Pitman said […]

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Newcastle called to ‘Climate Rebellion’ to prevent collapse of society

By leeirving | 7th January 2019

Following a hard-hitting talk in Newcastle last week, Newcastle Green Party will question the City Council tomorrow about progress to tackle climate change. In his talk, think-tank founder and Green campaigner Rupert Read warned a packed audience of the impending collapse of society due to climate breakdown. Over a hundred people gathered at Brunswick Methodist […]

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Newcastle Greens urge city council to do more for city air pollution

By leeirving | 5th January 2019

We are urging the City Council to do more to monitor and reduce air pollution across all neighbourhoods of the city. Our Spokesperson told the Chronicle that emissions levels in the city are now becoming a “health crisis” and that the council must “get serious about reducing traffic levels across the city”. Air pollution in […]

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