Green Party Tree Strategy Update

By leeirving | 17th March 2019

We’ve been working hard for local residents to push for the Council’s Tree Strategy to provide the improved public health and wellbeing benefits we need. We’re pleased the council have taken on board many of our technical recommendations to improve the policy. Unfortunately, they’ve failed to act on our main recommendation, which is to dramatically […]

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It’s no good just pricing people out of their cars without giving them other means to get where they need to go

By leeirving | 7th March 2019

“It’s no good just pricing people out of their cars without giving them other means to get where they need to go”, a Tyne and Wear Public Transport Users Group‘s spokesperson told Radio 5’s presenter Nihal in a discussion about air pollution today. Prof. Barbara Maher from Lancaster University highlighted the widespread ill-health and premature […]

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Newcastle Green Party calls on Council to take climate change obligations seriously

By leeirving | 5th March 2019

Newcastle Green Party is calling on Newcastle City Council to take its climate change obligations seriously by ensuring that no new coal mines are opened in the city and that new developments are built with sustainability in mind. Despite growing global awareness of the devastating impact of climate change and the need to rapidly reduce […]

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Newcastle Green Party Question Council over inaction on Climate Change

By leeirving | 9th January 2019

At last night’s meeting of Newcastle City Council, the Green Party questioned the progress made on climate change over the last decade. Their question followed a public talk in Newcastle last week by Green think-tank founder Rupert Read, who issued an urgent call to action against impending climate catastrophe. Green Party campaigner Taymar Pitman said […]

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Newcastle called to ‘Climate Rebellion’ to prevent collapse of society

By leeirving | 7th January 2019

Following a hard-hitting talk in Newcastle last week, Newcastle Green Party will question the City Council tomorrow about progress to tackle climate change. In his talk, think-tank founder and Green campaigner Rupert Read warned a packed audience of the impending collapse of society due to climate breakdown. Over a hundred people gathered at Brunswick Methodist […]

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Newcastle Greens urge city council to do more for city air pollution

By leeirving | 5th January 2019

We are urging the City Council to do more to monitor and reduce air pollution across all neighbourhoods of the city. Our Spokesperson told the Chronicle that emissions levels in the city are now becoming a “health crisis” and that the council must “get serious about reducing traffic levels across the city”. Air pollution in […]

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Rupert Read’s ‘The Time is Now: the Case for Green Rebellion’

By leeirving | 31st December 2018

A well-respected philosopher and Green campaigner will be visiting Newcastle in the New Year to deliver a hard-hitting talk on the future of humanity. He will argue that society has been in denial about how extreme the global climate crisis and large-scale species extinctions have become and how the issue has been generally disregarded by […]

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Trees are for Life, not just for Christmas

By leeirving | 22nd December 2018

The Green Party are calling on Newcastle City Council to show more ambition to protect and enhance trees in the city. Newcastle made unwanted headlines this summer when it was reported that more trees had been felled here than in any other UK city. In light of that, the Council’s current Tree Strategy has been […]

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Newcastle Rubbish at Recycling, Claim Green Party

By leeirving | 19th December 2018

Newcastle’s recycling rates are at the lower end of councils in the country and must be improved, the Newcastle Green Party told Newcastle City Council in their response entitled “Waste Not, Want Not” to the council’s public waste consultation which closed last week. Newcastle recycles only about 42% of household waste, and last year recycling […]

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Better access to green spaces

By leeirving | 15th December 2018

Newcastle City Council has been consulting on how to use the neighbourhood proportion of the Community Infrastructure Levy, which is paid by developers as part of the planning process for major developments.  15% of this levy (known as CIL) is earmarked for neighbourhood infrastructure, and will amount to about £200k over the next three years […]

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Invest in Newcastle’s future by divesting from fossil fuels, urges Green Party and environmental groups

By leeirving | 22nd November 2018

Newcastle Green Party is asking public bodies in the city to help combat climate change by ending investment in oil, coal and gas companies. Newcastle City Council’s staff pensions are provided by the Tyne & Wear Pension Fund, which also provides for other bodies including many local schools and colleges. The fund has fossil fuel […]

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Newcastle Green Party gives health crisis warning over city’s worsening air pollution

By leeirving | 18th October 2018

Air pollution in Newcastle continues to exceed legal limits despite Air Quality Management Areas being set up by the City Council over ten years ago. The Council’s latest report shows worsening levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in Percy Street, Pilgrim Street, City Road and other areas of the city. Levels on Gosforth High Street are […]

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Green Party calls for Newcastle to act urgently on climate change challenge in light of major IPCC report

By leeirving | 8th October 2018

Today’s ground-breaking IPCC report* on the impacts of 1.5°C of global warming clearly sets out the risks posed by increasing temperatures. The Green Party are calling on Newcastle City Council to step up its action to ensure that Newcastle does its part to avoid the dangerous and unpredictable effects of climate change. The report by […]

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‘Masterplan’ for larger Newcastle Airport would cause more harm than good, warns Green Party

By leeirving | 13th September 2018

The Newcastle Green Party has highlighted the serious threats posed to climate targets and to public health in response to Newcastle International Airport’s vision for future expansion. Consultation closed last week on Newcastle Airport’s ‘Masterplan 2035’, which sets out a vision for 75% growth in passenger numbers to 2035. In their response, the local Green […]

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Green Party Deputy to Hear Tyneside Tree Woes

By leeirving | 23rd July 2018

The Green Party’s Deputy Leader will be in the North East to witness how Newcastle became the ‘tree-felling capital of the UK.’ Amelia Womack will meet local Green Party members and members of Save Newcastle Wildlife on Monday evening, at the former Nuns Moor allotment site in the west end of Newcastle. A recent Sunday […]

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Time to make a big difference

By leeirving | 23rd March 2018

Andrew Gray is passionate about Heaton and loves this area. He has lived here since 2000 and works hard for residents all year round. He is delighted to be joined by local residents Chris Parker and Louise Wilson at this year’s elections in May. Chris and Louise are joining with Andrew in the three key […]

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Listening to residents

By leeirving | 20th March 2018

Thank you to all those who have spoken with us on the doorstep in recent months, about your priorities for action locally. Top of your list are: Tackling litter, reducing waste and improving recycling Looking after our green spaces and parks Raising standards in private rented housing. The last local election here was the South […]

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Time to reinstate the NHS

By leeirving | 15th March 2018

We need to end the internal market within the NHS, not tinker with it. Our NHS has had to operate as an ‘internal market’ under Labour and Tory governments for 25 years. Now, crippled by historic PFI deals and a funding crisis, it is at risk like never before. NHS England is proposing that local […]

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Caroline Lucas MP in Heaton

By leeirving | 15th March 2018

On Saturday 17 March Green Party MP Caroline Lucas is visiting Heaton to lead a discussion on plastic waste. She will talk about the scale of the damage to our wildlife, our oceans and to future generations. And we will discuss how much we could do locally, to solve the plastic waste crisis. “Calling time […]

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Newcastle Greens respond to the Council’s “business as usual ” budget

By leeirving | 28th January 2018

Newcastle Greens responded to the Council’s recent council budget consultation on 7th January, challenging the reliance on conventional economic growth to deliver services for the city. The Council’s economic strategy is based on conventional neo-liberal “growth” economics, tempered by the language of “inclusive growth.”  Our response argues that this does not take into account the […]

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