Nick Hartley - Green Party Candidate for Newcastle upon Tyne East

It’s time for a Green MP in Newcastle. My day job working as a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS along with my experience campaigning with local Greens across the city has given me a good knowledge of the main issues we face. Life in Jesmond and life in Walker can seem like two different worlds but my experience tells me that people have similar wants; an ability to build a meaningful and secure life, connecting to others.

The Green Party has consistently campaigned to end austerity for the most vulnerable, whilst also challenging the impact of an obsession with growth economics on people and the planet alike. It is clear that the current state of politics isn’t helping, nor is the uncertainty being posed by the threat of a hard Brexit. We will not improve people’s wellbeing without addressing the social and economic causes of the increasing levels of distress we see around us.

The Green Party is the strongest voice recognising that there is none of this unless we address the existential threat of climate breakdown. The reports from the UN’s IPCC should be a strong warning for all nations to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and protect our ecoystems. We can thrive, not just survive.

My skills and experience put me in a good position to work with our communities on this urgent issue. The only way to a greener society is learning together and joining up to work towards the common good.

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Nick Hartley - Candidate for Newcastle East
Nick Hartley - Candidate for Newcastle East

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