Newcastle Tree Strategy: response to consultation, December 2018

By leeirving | 29th December 2018

Newcastle made unwanted headlines this summer when it was reported that more trees had been felled here than in any other UK city. In light of that, the Council proposes to revise its current Tree Strategy with the aim of increasing tree canopy cover from 18.1% to 20% by 2050. The Greens welcome this, but […]

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Newcastle City Council budget submissions 2013 and 2016

By leeirving | 5th January 2018

Our submission to the 2018/19 budget consultation built on our earlier submissions to the Council’s three-year budget consultations in 2012/13 and 2016/17.  All three responses are available below. The theme of the 2016 response was Taking Back Control.  Government needs to devolve more funding and powers to local authorities, and the Council needs to devolve […]

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Development Allocations Plan, November 2017

By leeirving | 5th November 2017

Here is our response to the Council’s consultation on the next phase of its local planning strategy. See bottom of this page for our formal objections to the local planning strategy itself. Response to Draft Development Allocations Plan […]

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Feedback for Newcastle Waste Commission, May-November 2017

By leeirving | 5th November 2017

See also separate Waste Strategy page.   Follow-up submission, proposing targets for a city waste stategy Presentation slides and notes, presented to Waste Commission’s stakeholder meeting on 30th October 2017 Initial contribution to Waste Commission with ideas to support greater waste reduction, re-use and recycling   […]

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Urban Policy Statement – East Pilgrim Street, May 2017

By leeirving | 22nd May 2017

A Green vision means having a plan that puts people at the centre. Newcastle Green Party would zone East Pilgrim Street for affordable retail and housing units, would increase the greening of the city centre and would make provision for safer walking and cycling. summary policy statement for East Pilgrim Street redevelopment   […]

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Sustainable Newcastle Conference Report, May 2017

By leeirving | 5th May 2017

Newcastle Young Greens and Newcastle Green Party held a one-day conference on Green Economics.  The conference what steady-state economics would mean for our city.  How do we achieve prosperity without growth?  To be sustainable, we have to live within the resources of our planet:  what does this really mean?  The conference included presentations from Mark […]

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Parks and Allotments: submission to Council, April 2017

By leeirving | 5th April 2017

The Council has proposed outsourcing the management of its parks and allotments to a charitable trust.  Newcastle Green Party’s response to the consultation shares the widespread recognition that the city’s parks and allotments greatly contribute to the quality of life of the whole community. Our response looks at the issues that need to be resolved […]

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Waste Commission established by Newcastle City Council – introduction and response from Newcastle Greens

By leeirving | 17th March 2017

Newcastle City Council’s Waste Commission This page includes background on the establishment of the Waste Commission and our initial attempts to engage with it.  See our main Waste Strategy page for current information about the Commission and Newcastle Green Party’s submission to it. Nick Kemp, Council cabinet member, has established a Waste Commission of industry […]

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Newcastle-Gateshead Core Strategy: formal objections 2011 and 2012

By leeirving | 26th March 2015

On 26th March 2015, Newcastle City Council voted to accept the proposals in the Newcastle-Gateshead Core Strategy. Newcastle Green Party condemned this strategy as failing to meet the real challenges that lie ahead, stating: It will be bad for both our community and our environment. Instead of planning for the future, it is based on […]

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