Resources for development of a new waste strategy for Newcastle

Newcastle Waste Commission Inquiry

See separate page for background information on the Newcastle Waste Commission and our initial attempts to engage with it.

The Commission is meeting, in private, in Newcastle and in London, from March to September 2017.  Our initial response to the Commission, calling for publication of its Terms of Reference and asking to engage with it, is covered on the above background information page.  It has since published its overal aim and terms of reference on its website.

We have submitted initial ideas to the Commission, setting out some initiatives suggested by our members to reduce waste, promote greater levels of reuse and better support recycling.  This submission is available in full here.

Consultation 'drop-in' events are being held in June and July, and Newcastle Green Party members will be attending all these events to contribute information and ideas.  The overall themes are as follows:  all are held 4-7pm at the Civic Centre (with a group discussion from 6-7pm), see details on the Commission Website.

  • Wednesday 21st June. Theme: Culture/Behaviours/Education
  • Wednesday 19th July.  Theme Operations/Innovation/Technologies
  • Wednesday 26th July.  Theme: Partnerships

The BAN Waste Select Committee inquiry, 2001-2003

Our feedback to the Newcastle Waste Commission references the reports of the Byker and Newcastle Waste Working Group (BAN Waste) Select Committee.  These reports are available on a separate page.

BAN Waste grew out of a campaign against an incinerator in Byker - see video above for the fuller story.  The original BAN Waste website is still available, but dynamic content is no longer working online.  We have therefore made the following information available online from this page, in order to continue informing the debate about a sustainable waste strategy for the city:

BAN Waste, its Select Committee hearings and Community Events set standards for public participation and transparency which we hope that Nick Kemp's new Waste Commission will learn from.  To quote from the first chair of the Select Committee, Andrew Bennett MP (Labour, Denton and Reddish, 1974-2005):

People have votes. The disposable nappy, their newspaper, bottles, dog and cat litter - where they decide to cast their vote will decide the Waste Strategy (ie democracy). The purpose of the interim report, therefore, is to inform and educate and present people with choices. These will be evaluated and subject to public discussion, before we come to the final part of the inquiry.

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