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Local Election 2023 – Results are in

In the recent local elections, the Newcastle Green Party made significant strides in gaining support from voters across the city. From Byker to Wingrove, Arthur’s Hill to Heaton, and Monument to Elswick, the Greens finished a strong second in many wards, demonstrating the party's growing influence in the city.
With 10% of the citywide votes going Green, it's evident that the people of Newcastle are eager for a more sustainable and community-oriented future. The Newcastle Green Party is committed to delivering on that promise, but we need your help to win in the next election.

The Green Party stands for fairness and equality. We will champion policies that tackle income inequality, support the most vulnerable members of our society, and address systemic issues like discrimination and poverty. By voting Green, you are supporting a party that prioritizes social justice and works tirelessly to create a more equitable Newcastle.

The Newcastle Green Party has made remarkable progress in recent elections, but to continue our journey towards a greener and more just city, we need your support in the next election. By voting Green, you are choosing a brighter, more sustainable, and compassionate future for Newcastle.

Together, we can make a difference. Help us win in the next election – vote Green.