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By-election candidate Andrew Gray sets out key points of the Green vision for South Heaton

Following the resignation of Labour councillor Sophie White, local Greens are well prepared for the by-election in South Heaton ward.  The election on 16th March will elect a councillor to serve for South Heaton until May 2018. Green Party candidate Andrew Gray has lived in the ward since 2000, and summarised his vision for what he could achieve as a Green councillor for the year ahead.

"After a year that has seen a vote for Brexit and threats to our diverse, vibrant and outward-looking community in Heaton, we need to support what is best about living here.  That means celebrating our vibrant arts and music scene, and supporting the local shops and businesses on Shields Road, Chillingham Road and Heaton Road.

"The year ahead will bring further cuts to benefits, more cuts to local services, deeper crises within social care and the NHS and potentially new threats to our community from the right-wing, nationalist revolution that has swept Donald Trump into power.  In Heaton, we can work together to resist hate and to build a stronger community.

"Within the Council chamber, local residents need more joined-up action to maintain our much-loved parks and green spaces, to tackle the litter that is blighting many of our back lanes and streets, and to improve the condition of much of the private rented housing in the ward.  Residents, 'Friends' groups, ACORN and other groups have already managed to make some progress on all these fronts, but much more could be achieved by a Green Party Councillor, challenging our Labour Council to tackle the root causes of local problems and to better support our wonderful community in Heaton.

"I look forward to the challenges and hard work involved in being that Councillor."

The Green campaign kicks off this week and at the weekend, when residents will receive our update leaflet on the city budget, and Greens will be encouraging new residents who are not yet on the electoral register to register to vote before the deadline of 28th February.

Please contact Andrew Gray at, on 07579 965254 or via facebook if you would like to help the South Heaton campaign by delivering leaflets or displaying a window poster, or if you have any questions for him.  Alternatively, you can sign up to volunteer online.